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Unemployed and Flat Broke and They’re Launching a T-shirt Business

No matter what you’re situation, if you want to make this t-shirt business thing work, you can…. 90% of it has to do with your mindset.

If you think you CAN’T start a t-shirt business unemployed and flat broke — then you’re right. On the otherhand, if you think you CAN start a t-shirt business unemployed and flat broke — you’re right too! Either way, you’re right.

Got this e-mail from Tiarra…

Hi Cartess,

I just want to say thank you! I subscribed to you emailing list about a week ago and I’ve been doing nothing but taking notes and doing tons and tons of research. I’m a full-time college student majoring in business and I’ve honestly learned more from your videos than what I’ve been learning in school.

I’ve been unemployed for a year and 2 months now so its been hard for me to really fund anything. I’ve been applying for jobs for as long as I can remember but I was constantly being rejected because of my experience or lack of skills or how I look.

Then one of my friends put me on to the whole screen printing thing. So I spent all of my savings on the equipment and the lessons and wound up being horrible at it. I was spending more money than I was losing.

So being as though I was jobless and flat broke, I wrote up an awesome business plan and pitched it to a couple of my friends last week and we’ve already purchased 2 heat presses and a website that’s “under construction”. We only paid 350 for both of the heat presses and almost 300 for the website.

One of my business partners is actually a graphic designer so we’ve already sketched up a few designs and I’m proud to say that, today I sent off my designs to be printed up and I should have them by Friday.

So I want you to know that you’re truly inspirational and you’re motivational videos really work. I can’t wait to see my designs on a shirt with no mess or no stress at all!! Thanks again Cartess.

God bless,


As you can tell from the e-mail, Tiarra didn’t complain or whine about her decision… Even after spending her entire savings on screen printing equipment that didn’t work out for her, she continued to study and find a solution that worked for her.

Even though she was unemployed and flat broke, she didn’t let that discouraged her… After doing more research and investigating, she came  up with a solid business plan that she presented to her friends and they all chimed in… And now, she has all the equipment she needs to get moving and she her first set of designs are now being printed.

What about you… I understand the economy has hit a lot of people hard. But at some point, you’re going to have to make a decision on whether or not you’re willing to stay right where you’re at… Or make the decision that you’re ready to move forward regardless to the challenges that are holding you back.

Most people would have simply accepted the fact they’re broke and unemployed. Tiarra did the opposite.

She worked up a solid business plan and she pitched it.

It’s hard to ask friends and family or investors for money if you don’t have a business plan. How can they see the vision if you haven’t created one for yourself??? You’ll never get investment money from others if you’re unwilling to even do the basics — and the first thing you must have if you want others to give you money is a business plan.

Go back and read what Tiarra said above… and I quote, “I wrote up an AWESOME business plan and pitched it to a couple of my friends”.

If you’re broke, busted and disgusted — then create a plan. Create a vision. Get out there and share your plan with everyone you know — share it with strangers. If your plan is solid, well thought out and researched, you can get the money if you pitch it to enough people.

Don’t make anymore excuses. We often hold ourselves back with our own thoughts. And many of the fears and concerns we have aren’t even ours. They were passed down from our parents, relatives and the people close to us. Get out there and find out for yourself if you can make it. Don’t let someone else fears and beliefs hold you back and keep you from investing and having faith in yourself and your vision.

I’m contagious. Everywhere I go I’m excited. I talk about the Internet and how people can use it to make money all the time. I get excited when I talk about this stuff and it excites everyone around me. They start to believe they can do it too — and they can.

Here’s Your Assignment for Today

Here’s your mission should you decide to accept it…

Write a business plan. Do your market research. Share it with everyone you know. Get out there and become contagious. Excite and fire everyone up around you.

Let everyone you know that you’re starting up a t-shirt business. Tell them to tell their friends about you.

Get some business cards and pass them out. Show everyone your plan and let’s make this work right NOW!

Don’t try and figure this thing out on your own — you’ll waste so much time, effort and money trying to do this on your own. Let us help you.

If you think our program sucks for any reason, we’ll gladly return your money…


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NZinga says

Inspirational!! I have a similar story but fortunately I’m an artist so that saved me a ton of money and headache. Still working out the kinks but it is so true that you have to take ACTION and step out on faith–believe me, the Universe will support you. It’s waiting on YOU! I wish nothing but infinite blessings and success to Tiara and anyone else who is getting into the t-shirt biz!! And Mr. Ross, you are offering invaluable info and touching lives. Thank you!

    kimross says

    Hi NZinga,

    We thank you for taking the time to leave a post! 🙂

Dorothy Smith says

Mr. Ross, I am not looking to start a t-shirt business, but I just launched a new magazine that comes as a combo package (magazine & t-shirt). I am looking for someone to print my t-shirts at an affordable cost for my new business. Does your company do this? Please take a look at our website and click on T-shirts. You will see the designs. All I need is someone to print them at a cost I can afford until our business grows. Thank you!

    Cartess Ross says

    hi Dorothy,

    Just watched your video — congratulations on your launch… I sincerely hope all goes well for you! I’m sending you an e-mail right now — if you don’t see it, check your bulk/spam folder.

bari boddie says

I want to know what kind of paper you use to make
your shirts or how can get my pics on the paper I speak of is in your video the ones that look air brushed on

    kimross says

    Hi Bari,

    Our designs are screen printed.

    We have a source list available for purchase. The source list includes various companies to purchase custom, and pre-made transfers from a list of transfer vendors as well as vendors to purchase blank shirts.

    The price for custom transfers will be determined by the amount of colors you have in your design. If you are on a tight budget then I would recommend no more than 2 colors in the design. The more colors in the design the more it will cost to have the designs screen printed onto the release paper.

    If you would, please click the link below to purchase the source list.

    If you plan on printing your own designs you may click the link below. You’ll basically print the designs onto the paper as if you were printing regular documents.

Randy K says

As a hardwood flooring contractor who owns the business, I wanted to also get into something completely off the grid from what I normally did. Never a day in my life did I think that something else would be a tee shirt business. However long story sort I kind of fell into it and could not be happier about that. In addition Cartess by all means helped and the choice to do so.Many Many thanks

    kimross says

    Hi Randy,

    That’s great! We’re so glad to hear you transitioned into the Tshirt world of business! Thank you for posting! 🙂

david says

Hi Cartess, ‘hey wouldn’t you just know it……..yesterday I sent you an email regarding the none delivery of the special t-shirt+tranfer offer and you guessed it today I arrive home from work and there is the package waiting for me………….therefore please ignore yesterdays email and many thanks for all the inspiration that you give to myself and countless others.

    kimross says

    Hi David,

    We thank you and so glad the package arrived! Enjoy….

Jerod Whitmire says

If I’m doing a black shirt how do I print white inkfrom my printer?

    kimross says

    Hi Jerod,

    You’ll need to print dark shirts on dark transfers. The same will apply for light shirts, you’ll need light transfers.

Rod says

Hi Cartess,

I’m currently looking at a heat press to purchase……….what do you think about the Transpro 15×15..?

    kimross says

    Hi Rod,

    We recommend purchasing at least a 16×20 heat press. Anything smaller than the 16×20 you’ll have issues printing on larger items.
    Here’s a list of heat press machines we recommend.


    If the heat press machines are outside of your budget search Amazon, Ebay and Craigslist. We highly recommend you read the reviews on the machines before purchasing. See what others say who have purchased the machines.

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