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Using Video to Sell More T-shirts

In our Christian apparel niche, fundraisers is a big thing and to help push our fundraiser program, we started using a new video we shot to get the word out. Check out the new video and let me know your thoughts… Remember, you gotta keep trying new things to keep the buzz going:

Go here: Christian T-shirt Fundraiser:

The girl I used in the video is available to shoot your video. All you have to do is send us your script, along with a t-shirt she’ll wear in the video and we can do the same thing for you! Total costs is $595.00. The bulk of the costs go to her and the remaining costs go to the video and editing folks!

To learn more about starting your own t-shirt business, check out the videos on our homepage:

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Michael says

Dear t-shirt riches,

Im looking to get into the business and i have a question.

I’ve noticed that when i got to wal-mart i see t-shirts that seem local ex. local high schools and resaruants. Can i get an account or something like that with wal-mart and sell them my t-shirts. and if so how should i go about it.

    Cartess says

    I’ll likely put a piece together showing you how to do this… give me a week or two to get it compiled together!

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