Winky Boo T-shirt Company Tells All in This Interview! 

By  Cartess Ross

Starting a T-shirt business is relatively easy. All you need is couple of ideas converted to T-shirt designs, a good printer and an access to the Internet. Making your T-shirt line succeed is – of course – something very different.

Amy L. Fiedler, the president and the owner of American-based T-shirt line Winky Boo L.L.C. started creating her dream job knowing that you have to rely on much effort, hard work and a bit of luck in order to succeed. Launched only in August 2010 Winky Boo already created some of the nicest T-shirt designs out there, whilst building a loyal fan base every day. Want to know Amy’s story?

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Cartess Ross

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Cartess Ross

  • How do I get the actual image from my lap top onto a t shirt? Also is any image on the internet free game? What I mean is I don’t see any discussions about using a famous person on the t shirts and legality issues?

    • Hi Joe,

      The design or image will be printed onto paper and the transfer will be printed onto the shirt using a heat press machine. Images you see on the internet is not free game. Just look at it this way…Suppose the designs you created and worked so hard on to create; someone sees your design and decide to use it to resell. Would you think the design you created is free game for someone else to use and profit?

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