[VIDEO] My 14 Year Old (Cartess the 3rd) Starts a T shirt Business With Less Than $100 Bucks 

By  Cartess Ross

Cartess III

With a $79 printer and a pack of transfers from Staples, my son gets into the t shirt business. I’m making him start with the very basics so he can learn and grow it into a business… If he wishes to use custom screen printed transfers, then he’ll have to grow into that himself. The only advantage he’s getting from me is the right to use my heat press machine – so he saves a little money on that initial costs.

I’m making him go through my t-shirt business start-up course so he can learn all the basics.. He doesn’t know how to draw, so like most people, he’ll come up with some simple stuff that he can make and sell to his friends and cousins…

As he makes money, he can invest it back into his own business… I may contribute another $100 towards helping him get a design or two made (only if I see that he’s serious about making this work).

Sometimes, we make this thing a little more difficult than it has to be… If my 14-year old son can make a few sales, then I know you can… Watch the video below to see him in action printing his own tees.

I’m testing new transfer paper from a supplier I deal with... If it checks out, I’ll come back and update this post and tell you how to get the transfer paper… I’m also going out to purchase another printer to see how which ones one out good.

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Cartess Ross

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Cartess Ross

  • when you have your own design, do you print it from teh computer onto the transfer paper?

    • Yes, it’s something you can do but it’s not something we recommend you do. Again, that was for my 14 year old son, who had a school project.
      We do not print our own designs. We send our designs off to several transfer companies to be printed. Our transfers are screen printed onto a special release paper. Which isn’t the type of paper you can purchase from one of the local stores.
      If you are interested in having the vendors print your design, please click the link below.

      Again, printing the designs from a printer is the only way you can get started, then do it!

  • Joel_media says:

    how big is a 38X38 heatpress machine

    • The heating element (the platen — the top part of the machine that gets hot) will be 38 inches by 38 inches. This is the area that will cover up and heat the transfer and t-shirt.

  • That was a brand by Avery.. Avery #3271. I paid like $14 bucks for 6 transfers… Very expensive. I tracked down some transfers that are suppose to MUCH better than these sold in the stores… Testing them out now and will post here on the site in a couple days… Here’s a link to the one we purchased in the video: http://www.avery.com/avery/en_us/Products/Crafts-&-Scrapbooking/Fabric-Transfers/T_Shirt-Transfers–6-ct._03271.htm

    We’ll wash them over the weekend to see how they hold up.

  • hello Cartess, I created an art symbol and received a copyright for it over a year ago, and I want to start my own t-shirt business using this symbol and many other ideas I now hav for my t-shirts. Problem is …I dont know the first thing to do, from buying the necessary tools to deciding to use an outside t-shirt maunf. or wing it myself. please help.

  • Thanks for the kind words Jesse, they’re appreciated!

    Yes… This thing called life can be challenging at times. Don’t be afraid to take a chance… You might find that you’re much better now than you were when you were just a teenager.

    The thing that’ll scare me more is wondering later in life what could have happened if I only took the chance. We only live once and if you did attempt to start this thing and make a mistake — it’s guaranteed that you’ll make plenty more before we meet our ‘Maker’.

    Take the chance and go for it… You don’t have to bet the house and farm. Start with what you got and where you’re at.

    Don’t hesitate to ask questions if u have any!

  • Hi Jeremiah,

    You’d be prohibited from printing and selling the designs of “Naruto” unless you have received express permission to do so…

  • As you saw in the video. We purchased a $79 printer to print my son’s project. This isn’t something I recommend doing but if this is the only way you can get started then do it! Since we don’t “support” using a printer to print designs from we unable to recommend any printer. Again, we purchased a “cheap” printer.
    We do have the source list available you’ll have access to several vendors that sell tshirts, hats, etc. Along with the transfer companies.
    If you would, please click the link below to purchase the source list.

  • Teesbythomas says:

    I truly appreciate your willingness to educate others. I just watched your series of modules that you emailed me and when my budget allows I will become a member so that I can watch your advanced videos. Ironically I followed your lead and asked a friend that already has a heat press how much she would charge me to do my first round of transfers for me and she said fifty cents a shirt. I am on my way, THANK YOU for this push! 

    • Not a problem…. Appreciate the kind words! The key thing here is that you’re getting started and that’s most important.

      Don’t hesitate to ask questions if u get stuck on something!

  • Just get started… At a minimum, you’ll need that sales tax id because many vendors/wholesalers won’t deal with you without it — so spend your efforts getting that.

    Get the biz license if you can — some city ordinances require you have a license.. Beyond that, everything else can wait — get your designs made, try selling them and come back and revisit the other stuff later, but just get going right now.

    Hope this helps!

    • I’ve been trying to get that young man to learn these graphic design software, but he refuses too. Word was his only option and somehow he made it work 😉

  • It’s great that you know how to draw. The downside of it all. You will need to know how to use a computer and most importantly know how to use the software like photoshop, illustrator or any of the adobe software for designing.

    Your best option will be to hire a graphic artist to design the logo for you.

  • Sounds like you’re on the right track… And getting your 15 year old started at this age will be the best gift you could ever give. The skill-sets he’ll learn at this age will allow him to move forward and possibly own and start multiple businesses.

    Welcome to the site and don’t hesitate to ask questions!

  • DominikWight says:

    Where do you get the blank t shirts ?

  • Jonesletina says:

    hello again this is tina.ok the transfer paper hoe do you get the design on the transfer paper.

    • We saved it on our computer and printed it… As shown in the video, we simply inserted the transfer paper into the printer and printed onto the transfer paper — that’s pretty much it 🙂

  • Wilson Chase21 says:

    so cool I’m 15 and I’m trying to do the same thing too.

  • Yes, they can get expensive when you’re first starting out. Costs are based on the number of colors in your designs and costs are based on the quantity you order. The only way to bring costs down to affordable amounts would be to order more transfers or decrease the number of colors in your designs… There’s really no other way around it unfortunately.

    We’ll be offering a service soon where we can outsource the work to a company that’ll give us a great rate.. E-mail us the details and let’s see if we can get you a good price.

  • Hi Cortney,

    Thank you for your very kind words. Please know that my son has been exposed to this much of his life. So, please don’t feel as if you’re slacking in way!

    We have a source list available for purchase. The source list includes various companies to purchase custom, and pre-made transfers. As well as blank t-shirts at wholesale cost.

    The price for custom transfers will be determined by the amount of colors you have in your design. If you are on a tight budget then I would recommend no more than 2 colors in the design. The more colors in the design the more it will cost to have the designs screen printed onto the release paper.

    If you would, please click the link below to purchase the source list.


  • belinda rivera says:

    sir.. i always watched your amazing videos specially with your son..iam planning to purchase this printer and transfer paper so i can try at home while if iam day off at my work..thank you very much for ur kindness ending me an email..god bless you all..)

  • Judith Ultimo says:

    Hi Ross, Once you hire a graphic designer do you have him sign a contract in regards to protecting your design so they don’t give your idea to someone else?


    • Hi Judith,

      You can, but someone other than the graphic designer can steal your idea as well. They can see the shirt from someone else walking around the mall. Please don’t allow this to be a factor in not starting your business. You can have your designs copyrighted, trademark, etc.

  • hi cartess rose,

    this is sam am a web designer, from india i have seen your video’s of t-shirt biz, i’m very much in doing this biz
    so i need to buy this machine and how to start the biz..??

  • Art Gonzalez says:

    how you doing Mr. Cartess my name is art and i like what you have been emailing me its called the TRUTH thanks for that. Im interested in doing the t shirt biz it but my big issue is how to market my t shirts there is so much competition and putting up a website wont sell anything because of poor marketing skills. But threw out your moduels that i listen to i here you talk about SRDS i mean wow i never even herd of that before it like blew my mind of how to target people
    so i ask you if you can speak of srds a bit more on how it can help me to market my t shirt biz. i also went to the webpage but dont know witch one to order so many pls help on this issue.

    Art Gonzalez

  • ABDUL DIXON says:

    that’s good too see that you are getting your son into the business. I can’t wait to print my first shirt. I’m trying to take it all in before i really get started & invest in it

  • Good stuff! Thanks for the motivating emails and consistent updates. I’m on my way!

  • Could you give me a list of the companies that you use to create your images for you and what type of printer and ink they use.
    thank you.

  • hey..
    i am from india…and i want to know if i can apply for your course??
    and how much it will cost me??
    tee shirt business idea had been cropping in my mind for several years..but i didnt know how to start…ur site seems very appealing

  • Thanks again for your candid words of the “HOW TO’S”, “WOULDN’T DO’S, “THE VERY BEST” & recommendations to getting started with what you have. Thank U, again.

    • hi Linda,
      You are very welcome! We appreciate you taking the time out to leave a comment. Thanks for watching!

  • Melody V Howard-McHerron says:

    Hi Mr. Ross,
    I’ve enjoyed looking at many of your videos. I’ve learned a great deal. I looked at your goal and dreams video just last night. It was very motivational. I did just what you suggested to do in the video and now I’m getting more excited. I already was striving towards increasing my home base embroidery, screen printing and now t-shirt transfer business. Now, since I just received my heat press machine, which was a Christmas gift from my husband, I’m ready to move further in my business to accomplish my goals and dreams. I’ve been in the embroidery business since 2007. I have my business and peddling license already. Things were slow, but are now picking up. I do have clients I deal with and now that I have the heat press machine, “It’s About To Be ON”! Hey, that’s a good t-shirt phase, huh. Anyway, thank you and keep up the motivational, inspirational and instructional videos.

    Ready For Those Goals and Dreams To Come To Pass,
    Melody in Chicago

    • Hi Melody,

      That’s great and so glad you found the video to be motivational! Please keep us posted as you move forward and get closer to reaching your goals and dreams! We wish you all the best!

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