Beer T-shirts??? College Student Gets Kicked Out of Dorm and Earns Over $1 Million in T-shirt Sales 

By  Cartess Ross

I’m still blown away by the type of t-shirts people sell and make money with… Like many other entrepreneurs, Roy Laniado decided to start his t-shirt company from his dorm room.

Only problem was that New York University (NYU) bans students from running a “for-profit business” from dorm rooms. When they found out Roy was running a t-shirt business, they threw him off campus.

A lot of folks would have stopped there, but not Roy… He packed up and immediately moved his operation into an apartment in Queens NY.

Wear Your Beer cracked the $1 million mark in 2011 — and expects to hit the $10 million mark by 2015.

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Hopefully this story will motivate you to finally take the plunge and launch… One t-shirt at a time is all you need to get started.

Give it a shot… You’ll never know unless you try!

Cartess Ross

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Cartess Ross

  • hi Ross..

    i am very much interested in this kind of business. i have been yearning to own t-shrt business

    i need to know the cost of the machine
    how am i going to possess it (transferred to me)
    when will the machine be available

    i am in koster, northwest, Sourth Africa.

    hope to hear from you soon

    • Hi Frans,
      Thanks for stopping by. Please click the link below to see the machines we recommend. Also, prices are listed to give you a general idea of what the machine we recommend cost.

      I apologize, we only ship the heat press machines within the US. You may try looking on ebay for cheaper machines and sellers who may ship to South Africa.

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