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The Truth About Starting a T Shirt Biz with Little or No Money

Starting a t-shirt business can be challenging when funds are limited … There’s really only one or two things you can do about it when you find yourself in this situation. Play the quick video below to find out how to resolve this immediately … Excuse my harsh tone, but I’m just a very passionate guy 🙂


I hope you’ve found value in this video. Feel free to leave your comments and/or feedback… If you have anything you’d like me to talk about, please share it below.



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Homer Hurst says

Love your videos. You have been a great inspiration for my t-shirt business. After watching your videos I finally got the courage to start my business.

Kenn Sanchez says


Thank you for the inspirational message. I took it as tough love. God bless!

David says


You guy ur my favorite. I am going to buy some trshirt and start today. I get 100$ with me and l will start it right away l learn l how to localy create screens and l am starting. I have a job paid 400$ a month and its 25 km away. Each day l spend 10$ just for transoport now u gave me coirage.

Cartess ur my hero bro.

    Judy Jolley says

    Thank you for your comment, David! Good luck to you as you embark on this exciting journey!


mimi says

hello .. im looking for a good machine that i can start my own business likenprinting t-shirt can u help me to which brand is good and durable machine for t shirt?

Kris says

I absolutely love your videos. Your words are very inspiring and motivating. I am a single mom of four, my oldest and I have wanted to run a t-shirt business for a couple years. You have given us that vote of confidence that YES it can be done. We have our own designs and are now in the process of writing our business plan. I will keep you posted on our success story. Thank you for all of your incredible guidance. God bless!!

    Judy Jolley says

    Hi Kris!
    We look forward to seeing your success! Let us know if we can be of any help during your journey!

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