17 Year Old Starts T-shirt Business Out of Garage and Meets the President 

By  Cartess Ross

Alrighty folks… This young kid starts his own t-shirt line right out of his garage using a t-shirt heat transfer press. Not only that, he enters the National Young Entrepreneur Competition and wins it!

The cash prize was $10,000.00 and a trip to the White House to meet the President of the United States!

It all began with some design ideas, a heat press and the space he had in his mother’s garage!

Go read the whole story and comment below… make sure to play the video on the same page as well:

Teen T-Shirt Business Entrepreneur Meets Obama

Cartess Ross

I will guide you through this process and provide you with proven strategies to help you build a t-shirt company. As one of the original pioneers to start selling t-shirts online 20 years ago, I've sold millions of dollars in t shirts to people all over the world. I founded TshirtRiches in 2007 to teach others how to turn their t-shirt ideas into a business. So if you're ready, hop onboard and let's make this money!

Cartess Ross

  • What great ideas for t-shirts this young guy has! I can see him developing a real following for his shirts! Kudos to him!

  • Anonymous says:

    I imagine your ideas can be just as great and unique 🙂

  • dear mr cartess my name is carl from philly i have a heat press for about 3 years now but did not used it that much because did not know a lot about the t-shirt business but thank to you i can now go for the gold and i like gold i will take the business course and the man suck thank you very much for my new business

  • Hi Natalio,

    We will accept money orders if you are paying for the course in full. If you need to set up a payment plan, a credit card will be required.


  • Mr. Ross,
    I’m 15 years old. I’m interested in making t-shirts, of course intended for teenagers. However, the start-up cost of making t-shirts like the materials (heat press, transfer sheets, etc.) are costly if you want quality. What do you suggest on doing to be my first step?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Vicci,

      The cost of starting this business will depend on what you’re trying to do and the type of equipment you purchase.

      We have information available on our website that will assist you in starting your own business. Yes, we do have a course that is available that will definitely get you on your way and will provide you with all the tools you’ll need to get started.


      Here’s information about the heat press machines we have available. There’s pricing information as well as information about the machines.

      If the machine are outside of your budget try looking on Amazon, Ebay, or Craigslist.

      If you wish to have designs screen printed…Please click the link below.

      However, we highly recommend screen printed transfers. Printing from a printer will not provide you the same results as screen printed designs and will not last as longer. The transfers we have are better than the transfer paper sold in stores. Again, this method can not replace or compare to screen printed transfers.

      We have a source list available for purchase. The source list includes various companies to purchase custom, and pre-made transfers from a list of transfer vendors as well as vendors to purchase blank shirts.

      The price for custom transfers will be determined by the amount of colors you have in your design. If you are on a tight budget then I would recommend no more than 2 colors in the design. The more colors in the design the more it will cost to have the designs screen printed onto the release paper.

      If you would, please click the link below to purchase the source list.
      We recommend the Epson WF-70-10 printer.
      If you wish to print your own designs from your printer…please click the link below.

      We do not recommend using the inks that come with the printer.


  • james bazile says:

    to start the business do we need the first to do the legal part?
    like register the name of the company and others? please let me know what to do first to avoid problem with the state

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