Do You Have What It Takes to Start a T-shirt Business

by Cartess Ross

Please Note: While shooting this video, the ceiling fan was spinning and created a little back draft that was picked up by the microphone. This only occurred in the first two videos. I’ll go back and record these two videos over again — but wanted to spend the first two weeks answering questions that’ll come up during the first 10 days of training.


  • Click here to take the Kolbe test
  • Write down your strengths and weaknesses on a sheet of paper
  • Click here to find a Meetup – It’s FREE to signup and create a profile. When you get to their page, you’ll see an option to search by category. Select the one that says ‘Career and Business’.

    Look for meetups whereby you can learn a new skill-set. For example, if speaking in public is a weakness, take a Toastmasters class. You’ll learn how to publicly speak and the people are friendly. It’s been proven that those who speak and improve their communication skills will earn a more significant amount of money than their peers who don’t.

    Also, look for keywords like entrepreneur and start-ups. If you’d like to learn about social media and online marketing, there’s likely a group — as learning more about these skills will put you in a better position to market and brand your new company.
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