Inkjet Printers to Use

by Cartess Ross

Not too much in this section — pretty short and too the point. While I highly recommend custom screen printed transfers, I understand everyone is at a different starting point.

The quality is not going to be GREAT, but good enough is good enough until you’re able to afford a better quality output.

Inkjet printers have by far been the best type of printer to accomplish the job… The recommended printers are below — but I’ll refer you to another page to purchase your inks because you do not want to use the inks that come with the printer. Those types of inks are meant to be used on paper — but the High Heat Pigment Inks will satisfy your needs!


  • Epson WF-7010 (highly recommended)
  • Epson WF-7510
  • Epson WF-7520

*These are the worldwide inkjet printer models recommended for customers outside of the United States:

  • EUROPE WF-7015 WF-7515 WF-7525
  • AUSTRALIA/ASIA WF-7010 (same model number as USA but different chips)
  • WF-7010 AU” and “WF-7510 AU” AND “WF-7520 AU” same as above but different chips.

You can purchase these online at sites like Amazon and eBay.

Go to the High Heat Pigment Inks section to learn more about this ink!

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