Heat Presses & Supplies

by Cartess Ross

I’ll list some places below where you can buy new machines — and I also have a video posted below that shows you my exact steps on finding deals on Craigslist.

If money is no issue, I highly recommend the Hotronix brand — they have the best warranty and the best service and their machines will practically last you a life time!

Other brands you may be interested in

If you’re a little tight on cash and need to find a great bargain on a heat press, check out the video below. I show you how and where to find quality used heat press machines from people in your area who literally have these machines sitting in their garage or basements collecting dust.

As I’ve indicated in prior posts… You don’t have to go out and purchase new heat presses. Use those savings to buy the other stuff you’ll need to get going.

Check out the video below:

Here’s a listing of some of the keyword phrases and heat press manufacturers you should search for in Craigslist.com:

  • hotronix
  • heat press
  • Heat transfer press
  • heat press machine
  • mighty press
  • mightypress
  • geoknight
  • geo knight
  • stahls
  • hix

Other places to buy used heat press machines:

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